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05.12.2010 1 Comment »

Today our good friends across the Pond get to experience the joy of a Critter Crunch sale. For a limited time, Critter Crunch will be on sale across all of Europe for €2.99 (or the equivalent). If you were every interested in Critter Crunch, but didn’t want to drop the €5.49… now’s your chance! And […]

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04.08.2010 1 Comment »

Hello Friends of Capy, We just found out that both Clash of Heroes and Critter Crunch are nominated for awards at the very first Canadian Video Game and Digital Arts Awards! Check it out: Clash of Heroes is nominated for: Game of the Year, Best Handheld Game and Best Game Design! Critter Crunch is […]

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We declare it to be PATCH TIME.

01.28.2010 8 Comments »

Capy hereby decrees that Friday, January 29th is Critter Crunch PATCH TIME. Here are the details: ADDITIONS! – XMB Audio support – language select available for all! – Hey losers! You get a little XP even if you lose in multiplayer TWEAKS! – Player feedback regarding DIFFICULT LEVELS has been taken to heart. Tough levels […]

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01.21.2010 5 Comments »

We’re dead serious, people. Critter Crunch is 50% this week, so log into your PSN or Amazon account and buy Critter Crunch now or there’s going to be trouble! BIG MESSY TROUBLE!!!

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Biggs’s European/Australian Vacation begins!

11.19.2009 6 Comments »

Hey future European/Australian Critter Crunchers, Biggs and rest of the Critter Crunch crew have finally arrived on your shores! Go get em! And if you’re not sure about getting Critter Crunch… GET THE DEMO, which is also out at the same time. BTW, we based the shape of Krunchatoa Island directly on Australia, and it […]

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Europe & Australia getting Critter Crunch’d

11.06.2009 4 Comments »

That’s right, Euro-friends and Aussie-pals… Critter Crunch is officially landing November 19th. That’s just 2 weeks from today!

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1UP Crunches some Critters!

11.03.2009 No Comments »

1UP just reviewed Critter Crunch, and it’s… Read the review! 1UP also talked about Critter Crunch on their latest podcast (podcast at1UP: 10/27/2009) which you can listen to on their site: at1UP Podcasts Thanks a ton, 1UP!

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10.30.2009 2 Comments »

This is awesome. Not much more to say. BIGGUPS to Markez for one of the most amazing pumpkins Capy has ever seen.

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10.28.2009 2 Comments »

As you already know, Capy + Destructoid are holding the Critter Crunch “BARF TO WIN” contest. If you manage to score the GRAND PRIZE, you’ll get a shiny print of this amazing piece by none other than Critter Crunch artist Qiqo. Yes, that’s Biggs barfing a shark that’s barfing a cheetah with laser beams shooting […]

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BARF TO WIN Contest with Destructoid!

10.26.2009 1 Comment »

Here it is, folks: The contest we were destined to host: BARF TO WIN! Create amazing images of barfing (without, you know… really barfing for real) and win free Critter Crunch game download codes, awesome t-shirts and beautiful, yet-to-be-revealed one-of-a-kind signed artwork! And a huge thanks to Destructoid for making this happen. Check out the […]

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