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09.09.2010 No Comments »

Some of our Dork Shelf friends made us quite jealous when they sent us this insane photo of Critter Crunch funtimes on a 20 foot mega-screen. Now we must do this at our next Capy party. Amazing. BTW, you should check out Dork Shelf, for it is quite good.

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07.28.2010 1 Comment »

Hello again internet friends and Critter Crunch fans! Just a quick bulletin to let you know that Critter Crunch is now available to all Playstation Plus subscribers. So GO DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY, you lucky guys/gals! Technically, you already paid for it with your subscription so… ya know? No excuses.

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05.06.2010 1 Comment »

HOLY SMOKES WE WON TWO BIG, SHINY AWARDS! Clash of Heroes took home the Best Handheld Game Award while Critter Crunch gobbled up the Best Downloadable Game Award! That… is… crazy. Huge, huge, huge thanks to all the folks at the 1st Ever Canadian Video Game Awards for these accolades and congrats to all the […]

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Critter Crunch Demo HITS this Thursday!

10.19.2009 5 Comments »

Hello PSNers: The Critter Crunch demo is finally arriving on PSN this Thursday, so make sure to grab it!  The demo features a sampling of Single Player levels, as well as online Versus Multiplayer. It should, in theory, whet your whistle. Hope you like it!

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Welcome to the Crunch

08.05.2009 No Comments »

Welcome Internet surfer. You have discovered a cove of video gamey treasure, filled with wonder, beauty, jewels, puzzle game mechanics and the mystery of mutli-coloured regurgitation. Please enjoy your stay. Click on things. See bright colors in high definition. Laugh. Cry. Laugh again. Sleep. Dream. Go to the toilet. Play Critter Crunch.

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