Critter Crunch Demo HITS this Thursday!



Hello PSNers: The Critter Crunch demo is finally arriving on PSN this Thursday, so make sure to grab it!  The demo features a sampling of Single Player levels, as well as online Versus Multiplayer. It should, in theory, whet your whistle.

Hope you like it!

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  • Peter Says:

    Awesome! Good to hear, I have been looking forward to trying this little gem out :) .

  • David Says:

    Will this be out in EU PSN Stores too?

    btw. can’t wait! buying it as soon as it gets on our store!!

    also, a price in GBP?

  • Kris Says:

    Hey David,
    The demo will be available in North America first, unfortunately. The EU versions of the demo and full game are on their way!


  • Steve Says:

    I Did not find the demo in the USA Store.
    Where is it?

  • Mazen Says:

    I haven’t found it too.

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