We declare it to be PATCH TIME.


Capy hereby decrees that Friday, January 29th is Critter Crunch PATCH TIME. Here are the details:

– XMB Audio support
– language select available for all!
– Hey losers! You get a little XP even if you lose in multiplayer

– Player feedback regarding DIFFICULT LEVELS has been taken to heart. Tough levels got a little less insane!
– Coop networking tweaks to decrease pesky lag
– Multiplayer “Disconnects” are now awarded more accurately
– Catching a jewel while feeding glorious vomit to your son will no longer interrupt you
– Your rank will now be retrieved more reliably when playing Adventure

– No more annoying audio glitch
– No more Wins/Losses upload issues when the server is in ‘maintenance’ mode**
– Player score for Challenge levels now correctly handled in ALL cases
– “Barf Success” icon now shows up correctly in ALL cases
– “King of the Jungle” Trophy now successfully unlocks correctly even with a score of 0

** This patch is dedicated to the great Crunshii, who was the most negatively effected by the Win/Loss uploading issue. Despite the obvious rage that comes with losing a lot of Wins, Crunshii helped Capy get to the bottom of the issue. THANKS CRUNSHII!

8 Responses to this entry

  • Hoodoo Says:

    And here I thought Critter Crunch was perfect.

  • bap10 Says:

    Oh yes, nice job cheers.

  • ANIBAL Says:

    yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Says:

    I still have difficult to get king of the jungle trophy. I completed adventure and puzzle, and installed the patch but the trophy dont have appeared

  • Nick Says:

    Does anyone know why I don’t have a rank? The area that says rank in the top right corner never has a number in it. Just a dash, indicating I don’t have a rank. I’m almost completely finished with Adventure, and have played a ton of versus and cooperative online. For god sakes, why I am the only one I’ve ever seen on Critter Crunch that doesn’t have a damn rank?

  • mike psn:mgsfoxhound2 Says:

    i love critter crunch! thanks for the update. i wanted xmb music and i got it it, thank u! Perfect game! keep up the good work.

  • CapySean Says:

    Hi Victor,

    Assuming you haven’t already done so, try completing any Adventure level again (even an easy one). That should cause the game to check to see if you’ve completed the trophy requirements and then it should unlock the trophy. I won’t bore you with the details, but Sony required that this fix work this way. Hope that works. Let us know if it still doesn’t unlock.


  • Iamjafoo Says:

    I played Crunshii yesterday. He beat me like 8 times, I beat him twice. Good times!

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